Modern C# Standards and Conventions

Unlike my typical rants and rages, I’ve decided to put together a series of articles on some of the more basic coding standards and conventions I follow, as well as the reason(s) I do so. A lot of the battle of conventions is to offer some form of standardisation, making code easier to read and understand by other developers (and your future-self!).

There are many legacy practices that have unfortunately lived through the ages that need to be weeded out, whilst many new practices and language features have been slow on the uptake; perhaps for consistency’s sake, but possibly for lack of understanding.

I don’t want to present this as a rediculously large page, so instead have broken the subject out into a mini-series, for which you can find the links below. Because one of the objectives here is to weed out some of the legacy practices, I recommend these articles to both new and old / junior and senior developers! Don’t think yourself above the basics, because even the fundamentals change.


If you feel there is something else that should be added here, please drop a comment below or better yet, send me a PR


The first article in this series is Casing.

Written on July 31, 2015